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BINGO BANKO is a live, prime time action entertainment game show that generates Bingo numbers in unique and crazy ways with the help of ordinary people and celebrities.

Season one scored a whopping 39% average share rating on TV2 Denmark’s Saturday night 8pm slot. Making it the best rated Saturday night show on Danish television for five years!

Bingo Banko has recently won “Best Game Show” at the prestigious Rose d´Or TV entertainment awards 2010.

Bingo Banko season two is now airing on TV2 Denmark…and this season the main prize is a house!

BINGO BANKO produces a massive increase in the TV2 website traffic.

BINGO BANKO is based on the classic game of Bingo everybody knows where numbers are picked out and great prizes are won!

The difference is that each number is NOT drawn from a classic bingo bag but found in random, crazy and fun ways in a live TV studio game show.

Each week BINGO BANKO invites celebrities, members of the audience and everyday people to compete to generate numbers for the game.

In each episode there are surprising and entertaining big and small scale games and gags which make entertaining, fun TV viewing for all the family who can play along with the TV show with the chance to win fabulous prizes!

When lucky TV viewers get a BINGO BANKO prizes are claimed by telephoning into the TV show where they will be showered with great prizes.

BINGO BANKO is fantastic, cosy fun where all the family can play along at home or simply be entertained by the energetic, fun live … talk about TV show.

BINGO BANKO is co-created by Keld Reinicke & Babyfoot.


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